The material below has been compiled by GEGRA in order to explain GEHL's second penthouse development proposals to residents and leaseholders. If you have any further questions please do email GEGRA through the website. Further updates will be added to this page in due course.

What is proposed?

GEHL have submitted a planning application to build 2 penthouse flats on the roof, starting from the end of the first penthouse development and extending towards but not as far as the Grove End Road facade. They also propose to reallocate two underground car parking spaces to the proposed flats.

Where can I find details of the planning application?

Westminster City Council's reference for the application is 18/06471/FULL. You can read all of the application documents on their website at

How long is construction phase expected to take?

GEHL have not said.

Where will the scaffolding and any other equipment be located?

GEHL have not said.

What amenities will we lose during the construction phase?

GEHL have not said. It appears likely that we will lose use of the Grove End Road reception lifts and a section of the forecourt during the development but nothing is clear yet. We are not aware what other amenities may be affected. GEGRA have asked GEHL for reassurances regarding amenities and quality of life during the project. GEGRA's requests and GEHL's responses are documented here.

Will we be compensated for the disruption?

GEHL have not agreed to compensate yet however GEGRA continues to pursue this.

What is happening to lifts as part of the development?

We are awaiting confirmation but it seems likely that:
Lift 3 - will be replaced with a brand new lift.
Lift 4 - will be replaced with a brand new lift, which will be extended to reach the new seventh floor.

GEGRA have asked for:
Reassurance as to the specification of the new lifts. The new lifts fitted in the last development seem unreliable.
For Lift 3 to be increased in size. Currently Lift 4 is the only wheelchair accessible lift.
Faster lifts to be fitted to mitigate for the fact that Lift 4 will be extended to the new floor.
A commitment that the new lifts will not 'home' to the new seventh floor.
For the pond lift manual doors to be replaced with automatic sliding doors. These were not done as expected in the first penthouse development as apparently, they were not included in the specification.

Who is the developer?

At this stage GEHL haven't said what they will do if they receive planning consent. We don't know if they intend to develop the project themselves or with a developer.

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