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The block is staffed 24/7 and is covered by a CCTV system which is monitored and recorded.
The block is surrounded by gardens and chairs are available for your use. Ball games are not permitted, people are asked not to leave a mess behind and to behave sympathetically to other residents.
The porters will accept deliveries of parcels at the main reception on a discretionary basis. A disclaimer form is available from the desk if residents wish to accept the terms of this service. Space is limited and you are requested to collect your parcel within 24 hours.
Resident leaseholders may request one permit from the Building Manager for the year from 1-Nov. Provided you clearly display a permit you may park for up to 24 hours with no return within 24 hours.

Grove End Road forecourt:
8 shared car parking spaces and one short stay electric car charging space.
Space for 3 motor bikes.

To reduce disturbance to residents, the above parking is locked between 11pm and 6am.

Abbey Road forecourt:
Four short stay spaces, two of which have access to shared electric car charging facilities and one is exclusively for use with a disabled parking permit.

Abbey Road underground car park:
8 spaces dedicated to the penthouse flats
9 shared car parking spaces
4 further spaces that GEHL make availble to residents

All of these spaces have use of shared electric car charging facilities.

There are two bike sheds with a combined capacity of 36 bikes near the Grove End Road entrance and space for 22 bikes in the underground car park. For permission to use the sheds please contact the Building Manager.
Refuse may be left outside your front door between 6am and 9am daily. If you prefer you may take your refuse to the communal dustbins yourself between 8am and 9pm. To dispose of large items please view Westminster City Council's website for options. Recycling bins are located to the right of the Grove End Road entrance, just in front of the gates. A full list of what can be recycled is listed on the dustbins but includes various paper, plastics and glass. Recycling bags can be collected from the Grove End Road reception.
TV & radio
The block has an Integrated Reception System (IRS) which pipes digital terrestrial along with Sky, Freesat and Hotbird satellite TV and analogue and digital radio signals around the block. Residents can choose to take the free channels or subscribe for premium channels. To explain the choices further, GEGRA have prepared a document.

Superfast broadband
The block has fibre to the basement and so you can purchase superfast broadband from your Internet Service Provider.
The following commercial units are in the arcade:
1) Billy's Hair Studio (unisex)
Telephone: 020 7286 2288

2) Mr Bip's Supermarket/Off-licence (delivers)
Telephone: 020 7286 2548

3 & 4) Injury Rehab, Personal Trainer & Massage
Telephone: 020 7266 2368

5) Empty
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