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Grove End Gardens Residents Association (GEGRA) is run by a small committee of volunteer residents. We do not manage or control the block but by collecting together we are able to bring some influence to bear on the Freeholder and Managing Agents. Please support us by paying for annual membership which costs just £5 per annum for the year to 31-Mar.

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Combustible Materials

We are urgently seeking to understand whether the freeholder's intended remedial works will be sufficient. They expect to complete works in Summer 2022 that will improve the EWS1 rating from B2 to B1. Is this sufficient to ensure that flat valuations and ease of access to mortgages are fully restored to the situation prior to the first penthouse development?

Pipework Replacement Project

GEHL's current proposals involve running a new pipe network along the ceilings of the communal corridors for both hot and cold water and also central heating. This will necessitate the lowering of ceilings in the communal corridors and flats, quite significantly to pass under beams. GEGRA has asked GEHL to get a second opinion to try to avoid this as we believe that lowering ceilings will reduce the attractiveness and value of flats. It will also impose significant renovation work on individual lessees, in addition to the impact of the new pipework on their kitchens and bathrooms. A further concern is the plan to remove the hot water feed to towel rails requiring lessees to replace these with electric alternatives.

Penthouse 2 Development

As we get information we will be updating our website here.


This year's AGM was held on Monday 8 July 2019 at Arnold House School, 1 Loudoun Road. Our AGMs are ideal opportunities to meet the GEGRA committee and to raise any issues that you may have, with both the managing agents and the freeholder. Recent year's minutes can be seen here:

New email service

In order to improve the way GEGRA emails residents, we have started to use the MailChimp service. Please don't be alarmed to receive emails from this new address. This free and secure service will allow us to target our mailings to specific groups of residents and will ensure we comply with Data Protection regulations.
Fibre Optic Broadband

Fibre Optic Broadband

We're delighted that BT Openreach has now connected the block to their new fibre network. What this means is that if you would like you can subscribe to superfast broadband through your preferred Internet Service Provider (ISP). Many ISPs provide this service and it's worth shopping around for the deal that suits your needs.

Penthouse Development

Full details regarding the project can be found here. The expected end dates for the remaining tasks can be found here.

The penthouse construction work is now expected to be completed on 19-Aug-2016. The construction phase of the project began on Monday 13-Jan-2014 and was expected to take eighteen months completing on 13-Jul-2015. During the construction, leaseholders and regulated tenants will receive compensation for the disturbance by way of a 20% service charge subsidy for the life of the construction phase, however long that turns out to be.

Grove End Road forecourt and reception renovation

We are in discussion with GEHL regarding the concerns we have about the durability of the stone used for both the new pathway, steps and internal flooring, as well as the plaster material for the new canopy and the varnish used for the internal wood panelling.
Water Bills

You may be able to reduce your water bills

Most flats within the block are unsuited to being fitted with a water meter and so residents pay for their water according to their flat's rateable value. These rateable values can be quite high and this results in large annual water bills.

If you ask Thames Water to fit a meter and they discover they can't, they will switch you from being charged as per rateable value to being charged according to the size of the flat. This link explains the charges which may be significantly than what you are paying now. Call them to discuss on 0845 9200 888.
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